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Chapter 1162 – Zhou Wen’s Return tug word
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“This is Mature Zhou Wen. How would you not know him?” Qin Zhen finally read Qin Mu’s thoughts and solved.
“This is Senior citizen Zhou Wen. How will you not know him?” Qin Zhen finally been told Qin Mu’s words and phrases and answered.
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“In regards to sword artistry, I’m scared only Overseer An and Chancellor Leng can tutorial the feminine Sword Immortal. On the other hand, this person is really so fresh. He definitely isn’t Chancellor Leng or Overseer An.”
“Who is he? Could he become the famous Swordsman The future, Ming Xiu? I observed that Ming Xiu had once attended at our education. Most likely he experienced taught Qin Zhen in those days.”
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Chapter 1162: Zhou Wen’s Profit
“This is Senior citizen Zhou Wen. How will you not know him?” Qin Zhen finally noticed Qin Mu’s words and addressed.
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Qin Zhen immediately followed without any hesitation. Anyone planned to comply with, but Zhou Wen and organization quickly left college campus, although the university students couldn’t.
For Zhou Wen, an individual like Qin Zhen became a scarce inheritor who could pick up his mantle.
“Who is that this particular person? Qin Zhen basically said that her sword skill was due to his recommendations?”
An Sheng as well as an Jing bought up and adopted An Tianzuo to the coaching space. People were also extremely interested in what Zhou Wen and Qin Zhen have been performing.
Sei Gasakai got also fused the method of Transcendent Flying Immortal within the Niten Hovering Immortal-ryū that made it feasible for other folks to grab. While it fixed the problem on most men and women discovering it challenging to achieve primary mastery, additionally, it indirectly increased the difficulty of attaining the pinnacle.
That evening, An Tianzuo sat for the dining room table and spotted An Sheng plus an Jing located on both sides. He explained by using a frown, “He’s obtaining a lot more unruly. Doesn’t he be aware that it is time for you to feed on? Even though he’s not feeling hungry, does not he understand that kids must eat far more throughout their development spurt?”
Everyone was dumbfounded when she declared that. Qin Zhen, the Federation’s women Sword Immortal, really wished for him to provide tips on her behalf sword art. That was definitely not one thing an educator who begun her quest could do. The only probability was that it person’s sword artistry have been greater than Qin Zhen’s—and not only for using a very little.
“Holy sh*t, so it’s him. No wonder. I just now didn’t count on Qin Zhen to own figured out her sword fine art from him.”
“Yes, Overseer.”
“In terms of sword arts, I am scared only Overseer An and Chancellor Leng can guideline the feminine Sword Immortal. Having said that, this person is really young. He definitely isn’t Chancellor Leng or Overseer An.”
However, Qin Zhen dismissed Qin Mu as though she hadn’t heard him.
“Yes, that really must be it. Having said that, he’s not older. He’s very little over the age of Qin Zhen. Just how can he have begun her path?”
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“Sis, this individual possesses a fiancée,” Qin Mu hurriedly reminded Qin Zhen.
While he hadn’t viewed Qin Zhen start using a sword, he could roughly convey to from Qin Mu, which she acquired educated.
Sei Gasakai acquired also fused the method of Transcendent Soaring Immortal into the Niten Traveling Immortal-ryū that managed to make it possible for some others to buy. Even though it managed the condition of most people discovering it difficult to increase fundamental expertise, additionally, it indirectly heightened the problem of hitting the pinnacle.
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“Sis, he or she provides a fiancée,” Qin Mu hurriedly reminded Qin Zhen.
“Not bad with all your sword apply,” Zhou Wen acknowledged since he considered Qin Zhen. His thoughts originated the foot of his heart. For you to excel at the sword skill to this type of level by using simply a laptop computer was indeed incredible.
“Ming Xiu might not exactly necessarily be much stronger than Qin Zhen, correct?”
Li Xuan was out the vast majority of season and seldom returned.
“Sis… This… That is this mature?” Qin Mu stammered.
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“Is there this sort of extraordinary body in this classes?”
“It’s Qin Zhen,” An Sheng resolved.
“Sis… This… Who may be this senior?” Qin Mu stammered.
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“Wait an instant.” Zhou Wen had out a pencil and newspaper in the Chaos Bead and prepared on recording his knowledge of Transcendent Hovering Immortal for Qin Zhen.
By means of their relationship, An Tianzuo knew that Qin Zhen wasn’t an individual who was afraid of obstacles, but for some reason, she was unwilling to depart the institution.
“Wait a second.” Zhou Wen needed out a pen and cardstock from the Mayhem Bead and planned on writing down his experience with Transcendent Traveling by air Immortal for Qin Zhen.
“Yes, Overseer.”

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